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Monitoring unit

If examinations in the outpatient clinic are not sufficient, patients go on to the monitoring unit, the heart of the Epilepsy Centre. Here, patients undergo video-EEG monitoring, where the patient's behaviour is recorded during a seizure.

Important information on what happens during a seizure is gathered from simultaneous video recording and measuring of brain waves with EEG over a period of several days or weeks. The aim of this simultaneous double image recording is to accurately pinpoint the brain regions where the epileptic event develops.

The monitoring unit was extensively renovated in 2011 and a completely new system was installed in 2016. Erlangen has one of the most state-of-the-art epilepsy centres in the world. One special feature of the video-EEG system is that patients can move around the common and sleeping areas freely during the diagnostic procedure. Previously, patients had to be connected to a monitoring system with a fixed cable. The diagnostic data is digitally recorded and fed into the central department network.

Patients undergoing the video-EEG monitoring cannot leave the monitoring unit during their stay but can move freely around their room and our pleasant common area which is equipped with televisions and radios, board games and a small library.