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For students

Lecture of Prof. Dr. H.M. Hamer:
Die Epilepsien



During the block practical course Prof. Dr. B. Kasper will give an insight into the systematics and semiology of epileptic seizures using numerous example videos.

Praktisches Jahr:

You are welcome to do part of your neurology tertial at the Epilepsy Center.

Further information, also about the clinical traineeship:
Department of Neurology

For psychology students:

Internships in the field of neuropsychology are available!
The focus is on neurocognitive examinations as well as functionally localizing procedures (e.g. WADA test, PET, fMRI). It is possible to complete the internship during the semester. If interested, the internship can be followed by a bachelor or master thesis.

Please send inquiries to: Michael.Schwarz(at)