Social work

Department of Neurology

Head of Department:
Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h. c. Stefan Schwab

Epilepsy Centre

Spokesman: OA Prof. Dr. med. Hajo Hamer

Epilepsy patients often have problems in their professional and social lives, for instance with their family or partner, at their work place, in their circle of friends or in clubs and societies. A successful medical epilepsy therapy resulting in seizure freedom does not immediately solve all the problems an epilepsy patient may have.

Therefore, the social work unit at the Epilepsy Centre offers support and advice precisely for these important areas of life prior to and after epilepsy surgery.

The social work unit starts by gaining a complete picture of the patient's private and work situation. We arrange any necessary medical rehabilitation treatments and help patients apply for professional rehabilitation measures such as occupational retraining and reintegration, and our patients benefit from our contacts to health insurance providers, rehabilitation centres and occupational training institutions.

We also offer advice regarding sick pay, support offered by the Federal Employment Agency, pensions, or applying for disability passes.

Extensive information material for patients is available. We are also happy to provide addresses of epilepsy counselling centres and support groups.

The advice offered by our social work unit helps to find solutions with the patient and put them into practice.

The counselling centre for epilepsy patients in Middle Franconia (Psychosoziale Beratungstelle für Menschen mit Epilepsie Mittelfranken) offers consultation hours at the Epilepsy Centre once a month.

Please make an appointment, if possible.
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Contact: Kerstin Kählig, Bernhard Köppel


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