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MOSES training

Module training programme epilepsy (modulares Schulungsprogramm Epilepsie) – MOSES

Although epilepsy has been known since early human history it remains an unfamiliar disease for the majority of people. Even those suffering from it or their families often know too little about the disease, its diagnosis, treatment and potential side effects.
The MOSES training programme was developed especially for people suffering from epilepsy. Its objective is to help patients become experts at handling their own disease.

MOSES aims to help the patient to pro-actively accept and deal with epilepsy and motivate them to actively contribute to the therapy. The training programme has the following objectives:

  • Getting to know and understanding epilepsy and its effects
  • Understanding diagnosis and treatment measures
  • Learning how to deal with epilepsy
  • Promoting an understanding of psychological and social concerns and considerations for professional life
  • Teaching patients how they can help themselves and be proactive
  • Keeping restrictions in daily life to a minimum