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History of the epilepsy centre

Epilepsy Centre Erlangen is established as a joint project of the Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery. Prof. Dr. med. Hermann Stefan is appointed director of the Epilepsy Centre.

The epilepsy outpatient clinic is opened and invasive monitoring is used for the first time.

The multichannel magnetoencephalograph (MEG) is set up.

The Epilepsy Centre is now among the group of epilepsy centres which receive special funding from the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG).1993
The Epilepsy Centre is given the status of a level IV centre – the highest level of care for preoperative epilepsy diagnosis and epilepsy surgery in Germany.

The Epilepsy Centre's quality management system received certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 in February 2000. Since then, the certification has been confirmed and renewed several times. The QM system ensures that the best possible medical care and high scientific standards are guaranteed.

Installation of a new system with five beds for monitoring.

Installation of a sixth bed for monitoring.

Prof. Dr. med. Hajo Hamer, MHBA, is appointed as the Epilepsy Centre's new spokesman. The monitoring unit is completely renovated and modernised.


At the epilepsy outpatient clinic, we provide care for more than 2000 outpatients per year; 300 inpatients are treated at the Centre each year.


Patients come from all over Germany and from abroad.

TelEp is launched -  the first project in Bavaria to use telemedicine for the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsies. The project received grants by the Bavarian Ministry of Health and Nursing.

Second phase of TelEp (telemedicine in epilepsy). Additional hospital and office based neurologists are joining.

New monitoring unit is opened after major modifications and renovation. It allows the simultaneous recording of video (in Full HD quality) and EEG
in a wide frequency window at nine beds.