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Patients coming to our Centre for diagnostic procedures – in particular for preoperative evaluation – and potential subsequent surgery often have to undergo several examinations. Individual examination appointments must be arranged with the Centre's departments and with other units of the head clinic. If the findings indicate that surgery is required, surgery dates are scheduled with our colleagues from neurosurgery.

The co-ordination unit ensures that the planned measures can be carried out smoothly during the patient's stay at the Centre. All information on planned diagnostic procedures, occupancy and patients' appointment requests is pooled here.

It is our goal to carry out diagnostic and treatment procedures as quickly as possible and in a patient-friendly manner so that patients' stays are not unnecessarily long. We always try to keep waiting periods for inpatient admission as short as possible and still be flexible enough to provide immediate medical help for emergency cases.

A certified quality management system has been in place for many years. It is constantly evaluated and adjusted to meet new requirements in order to optimise patient-orientated processes.

If you have any questions regarding inpatient admission, please contact:

Maja Münchmeier
phone: +49 9131 85-36862
fax:+49 9131 85-34747
e-mail: koordination.epilepsie(at)